YIXING LUTRON NEW MATERIAL TECH CO.,LTD. is a specialized manufacturer, researcher and developer of Chemicals. At present, we mainly produce all kinds of "YuanYuan" CMC products, with the annual output of 5, 000 tons. Our products are used in dairy products, beverage, food, toothpaste, textile, building pottery, medicine, reagent, papermaking, oil drilling,detergent, tobacco and battery etc...

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                        CMC--Toothpaste Grade
                        CMC--Food Grade
                        CMC--Industrial grade
                        CMC--Ceramics grade
                        CMC--Papermaking grade
                        CMC--For Oil Drilling
                        PAC LVT
                        PAC HVT
                        PAC HV
                        PAC LV
                        CMC is widely used in frozen desserts, protein food, beverages, icings, dressings, instant noodles, etc...
                        1.CMC is a high-purity, high-efficiency slurrying agent.
                        2. It is resistant to salt, base and moisture, compatible with sea water and saturated brine.
                        1.CMC for cigarette features high purity and fine particle size, suitable for tobacco processing.
                        2. It can improve the wet tack and film strength of tobacco.
                        1.CMC has good resistance to base, keeps dispersing battery medium.
                        2. It contains only trace amount of chloride, iron and heavy metal.
                        1. CMC for ceramics features uniform distribution of substituents (carboxymethyl group) on the cellulose backbone. It produces fewer gel granules in glaze formulation...
                        PAC HV is high molecular weight, high viscosity polymer for water-based drilling fluids, which can effectively reduces the filtration rate of many...
                        PAC LV is low viscosity polyanionic cellulose and low molecular weight, low viscosity type polymer designed specifically for use in...
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